Reading Unlocked

Reading Unlocked
Learn to read in 4 months

  • Teaches Reading, Writing and Spelling

  • Ideal for beginner and early readers

  • Children experience success every day

Reading Unlocked

Teaches your child to read

Reading Unlocked gives your child the skills they need to read confidently and fluently.

Its Simplified Phonics™ system teaches your child to decode words. This simple approach is much better than guessing or memorizing words.

Based on Science

Phonics has been proven to be the most effective way to teach reading. Reading Unlocked introduces high frequency words early to enable children to start reading from the first lesson.

It uses a multi-sensory approach. Children read, write and speak. They learn to read quickly and easily.

In fact, your child could go from not being able to read to a reading age of 7½ in just 4 months.

Teaches your Child to Read

Reading Unlocked is an online program that works on any computer or tablet, you just need access to the internet.

The lessons are carefully designed to make sure your child experiences success, every day.

With four starting levels, Reading Unlocked is suitable for beginner and early readers.

It’s calm and distraction free, so it's perfect for all children, including those with dyslexia or other additional needs.

Taking only 15 minutes, it’s quick and easy for you and your child.

To finish, there’s a poem at the end of every lesson for you and your child to read together.

What a great way for your child to learn to read

Reading Unlocked

Learn to read in 4 months

Give your child the gift of reading

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Online, Learn to Read Program

Simplified Phonics™ System

Our Simplified Phonics™ system teaches your child to blend letter sounds into words.

To start with they learn simple words with 3 sounds and 3 letters like cat or dog. Next it's words with 4 sounds and 4 letters like frog or jump. After this, its words with 3 sounds but 4 letters like goat or rain, before finally moving on to multi syllable words like baboon and monkey.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is hearing the sounds in words; hearing that goat contains 3 sounds (g-oa-t) and it's key to be able to read and decode new words.

We provide lots of great exercises for children to develop this skill. Things like: Can you identify the first sound in a word? The last sound in a word? Can you hear the difference between ship and sheep

Abstract Words

Abstract words are notions, concepts, and things that can't readily be observed by your five senses. Words like the, and, was. We put them into sentences, to make them easier to understand and remember.


Right from the start, each lesson finishes with a poem for you to share with your child. Words that your child can read are highlighted in red.

As they go through the lessons, your child will start to read more and more of each poem. This develops confidence in reading as they can see how much they can actually read.

Why Parents and Children love Reading Unlocked


I am very excited about Reading Unlocked. My daughter has even started asking me can she do it. It’s very easy to add into our day as it only takes her around 15 minutes.

I do believe this is one of the best additions to our homeschool.



Reading Unlocked is far less teacher-intensive than the last program we used, though, and only takes about 10-15 minutes each day.

I'm really amazed at how much Peter's reading has been improving with help from Reading Unlocked!



I love that the program is built around the idea of the parent as teacher, and the program as a tool.

My six year old son really enjoyed using the program. I know that he likes something when he requests to use it.



My child hasn’t started learning to read yet. Can they use Reading Unlocked?

Yes, Reading Unlocked is designed for absolute beginners. It starts at the beginning with the alphabet.

My child can already read a bit. Can they use Reading Unlocked?

Yes. There are 4 levels to chose from, so you can either decide to recap what they know or start on a brand new level

How quickly can my child start playing Reading Unlocked?

They can start right away. You have instant access.

How long does it take to play Reading Unlocked?

There are 100 lessons, each lesson takes around 15 minutes to complete. Children can play more than 1 lesson a day and they can also repeat a lesson.

I think my child has dyslexia or is struggling to learn to read. Will Reading Unlocked help them?

Yes, Reading Unlocked’s is specifically designed to help those children who find learning to read hard. It uses right paced lessons, lots of repetition, simplified phonics, plenty of phonological awareness activities and minimal demands on memory.

Reading Unlocked is designed by the creators of Dyslexia Gold, and has used all their years of experience and research to build this complete learn to read program.

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100's of children are learning with Reading Unlocked

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